Day 6 & 7: Email Updates & Homepage Design


It’s getting increasingly difficult to remember what to write for the next blog post, so I’m going to declare a template to make it as transparent as possible going forward.


  • What did you do today/yesterday?
  • What difficulties did you face?
  • What did you learn?
  • What are you going to apply in the future?

Here we go!

What did you do today/yesterday?

  • Yesterday, I had sendgrid email service reactivate my account for the exposed API key (oops). Good on them for setting up monitoring for potential leaks on public repositories!
  • Also, I disabled much of the functions created for the email service and will further tweak them for usage later on.
  • Today, I decided that the front page needed a face lift and added a basic design.
  • Browsing through a couple templates, I picked and chose a couple components that seemed right to fill up the desert of a homepage.
  • Sorry for the oversized logos, wanted to test out the images and see how they worked!
  • Basic functionality for navigation provided as well on each individual card in the deck.

What difficulties did you face?

  • Lack of understanding of the httpClient of today and the features from Angular4 information is affecting progress.
  • Lack of understanding of security risks posed by a leaked API key, which led to the deactivation of my account.
  • Lack of design creativity, although my main concern at the moment is functionality.

What did you learn?

  • gitignore is my best friend, utilize it to not accidentally upload things that should be private! Added the index.js file to git ignore, but also added a redacted version of the file without the API key to be uploaded to git.
  • gitignore also has a rollback feature that allows you to revert back to a past commit. This was used when I lost a file after git pulling from master branch.

What are you going to apply in the future?

  • Follow my gut feeling in terms of certain development practices regarding security. Can’t really say it was an accident uploading the API key but the consequences were quick and brutal. Lesson learned most definitely.

That’s it for today. Thanks for reading.

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