Day 4 & 5: Contact Form & Email roadblock

Hello there!

So much for giving an update yesterday about what I did. Here it is now.

October 1st Change log:

  • Created template for contact form.
  • Includes the inputs for Name, email, reasoning, and an additional message box.
  • Drop down selector menu for 6 different options, 5 static and 1 called other to allow for other unlisted reasons.
  • Submit button is included but not yet programmed.

October 2nd Change log:

  • Added a function called httpEmail for firebase functions.
  • Utilizing sendgrid and firebase to enable email capability.

Problems for another day:

  • Accidentally leaked API key for sendgrid, had to manually remove it from GitHub repository.
  • Figure out the source of the error that’s blocking progress.

Very frustrating day to say the least, but coming in the next day with a clear mind can probably help solve the problem at hand. Definitely a roadblock for myself to overcome.

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