Day 2: Navigation / small adjustments


I might just stick with updates to development rather than stories about my life, maybe they should go somewhere else.

What I’ve done today:

  • Added navigation using Angular’s Router Module.
  • Added new components for upcoming pages I feel needed for the site.
  • Fooled around with tool tips for each button in the navigation bar.
  • Rearranged the development blog and source code buttons to the right. Also, changed their color to signify differences in function as they are links rather than a navigational feature.
  • Removal of the search bar, wasn’t implemented yet.

What I plan for next time:

  • Work on the about-me page and create an interesting design out of it. No ideas yet, will need some inspiration.


  • Although today’s work was quite small, the site definitely feels more alive than the day before.

That’s all I got for today, see you next time.

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