Four months out of school, where are you now?

Hello world!

It’s been quite a while since I left school, the biggest question would be have you found a job yet? No, no I haven’t and here’s why.

Long story short, somewhere along my journey through coursework in university and in daily life, I lost my self-confidence and it has affected me to this very day. I cannot tell you exactly when I lost my self-confidence but it has negatively impacted my view towards life and my future.

However, that all ends today. I will list out my regrets over the last couple of years and will dedicate every ounce of my body to recovering what I have lost and what needs to be completed. My life will forever not be governed by chance or luck and will be ruled by merit. Merit will be my everything and I will strive my best towards this goal. No longer will my confidence be dictated by those who surround me but crafted and reinforced by my own successes in life. No matter how little I do, it will be better than nothing, I will pave this way towards an end goal.

Here is my list of regrets:

  1. Not studying or taking my studies seriously in University.
  2. Not putting in effort towards academic projects.
  3. Picking up a hobby that will certainly help with self-development.
  4. Not improving my reading skills and vocabulary by reading books in general.

… That list is much smaller than I thought it was going to be… nonetheless a list was created and now a plan of attack is required. A small explanation of my University life, I never stride to be a straight A student but rather hang around in the A’s and B’s area, only ended up with 2 C’s I believe, for the classes Theory of Proof and Calculus I. Those are stories for another day but the results are indeed due to point number 1.


  1. Go back and study all of the fundamentals of Computer Science that I can remember. Will take some time but a fully developed list of concepts is required before starting.
  2. Start a project and continue adding to it, no matter how little or long it will take towards completion. Should also try and adopt agile methodology for a one-man development team. Idea stemmed from a thought and googled to find:
  3. Continue to write blog posts? I feel a bit better after starting this post and seeing my thoughts in writing.

As of September 25, 2019 3:06 PM, I hope to conquer the old me and replace it with a better more serious and happy me.

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