Sprint Retrospective – Round Three

A reflection on what I learned from this week’s activities is that sometimes it’s best to restart. Our initial two sprints brought us up to a point where the current delivery is usable but could not be built upon. We had trouble trying to incorporate features from each of our own work loads that was divided in Trello. The main issue from the scrapped delivery is that it is written in Java and missing fundamental components that would make it difficult to create a webpage with. As such, the problem resolved after deciding to focus our efforts on Angular and using it’s features to make our lives easier.

Another lesson learned from this week’s activities is that having more than one repository between two GitHub and GitLab is a nightmare. It was a mix between each of the members uploading to our own repositories to share mockups of things we have created during the sprint. This choice is backed by us not feeling up to upload mockups directly to the repository made by the professor since we weren’t “feeling ready” yet.  Then there is the issue with having two different food pantry repositories which further confused everyone. However, this issue was eventually resolved when the professor and some students came up with another idea for handling the repositories. The new system creates a fork from the main project to the class repository. There are a couple other things mentioned about incorporating “stories” using this setup that I have yet to fully understand.

The third lesson learned from this week’s activities, is that it is very easy to get lost and sidetrack from the main goal. This lesson is mainly for myself as I was working on the database but took me an entire sprint to realize that I was working on the wrong portion of the project that was unneeded at the moment. Focusing unnecessary resources towards a feature that should be left for later. The other members were focused on the intake form and had created the front-end of it but needed a place to store the information later on. This is the area I should have tackled, in which our members would have been working in unison.

During this sprint, I focused my efforts on mainly establishing a connection to the SQLite database created from the previous sprint with the current project. Using JAVA and the available JDBC library found on the web, I was able to successfully connect to the database. However, when it came to transfer what I learned into the main project we were working on gave plenty of errors. There were missing libraries and many unused and preplanned files that needed deletion. Although this was a problem, the next problem is mentioned earlier in the blog. We needed a clean slate to work with since the project was in an unworkable state. After we got back to the point where we were in JAVA, now in Angular, I had to find a new way to get the SQLite database to work in Angular. Now that we are back on track, I can see where the project is likely headed!




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